Friday, August 5, 2022

On The Rocks

The Samford family on the rocks. Daniel nearly went overboard but managed to hang on.

 We have had a great time this week with my son Daniel, his wife Jackie, and three of our grandchildren visiting for a few days. They arrived Monday. Tuesday was a free day to explore and get to know the area. Wednesday, our entire clan took a raft trip on the Salmon River. It was beautiful and great fun getting tossed around on the river. 

Thursday morning, the gang had a flyfishing lesson and we topped that off by going up the Baldy gondola lift for lunch at the Round House. 

It's been a great visit. We hate seeing this crowd depart today, but school starts next week for the grandkids in the fourth, seventh, and eighth grades. We'll miss these guys. Click "Photos" above to see some of the action.


  1. What an awesome trip!! So great especially with family!!


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