Sunday, October 4, 2020

On Division Belle with Belle

 Just checking in. I drove back up to North Carolina today to spend some time on the boat with our younger dog Belle Watling. Since our other dog is Rhett Butler, Belle is named for the Madame in Gone With the Wind who was Rhett's "friend". It is about a 6 1/2 hour drive to Oriental, NC from home, but with four stops to let Belle cavort it took nearly eight hours. I'm sharing a filet with Belle and will turn in early after the long drive.

I have a few projects to accomplish, but they are mostly an excuse to spend time on the boat. I brought Belle along to avoid leaving the Lovely Laura Lee with two dogs to care for. But also Belle appears to be the most adaptable to life on the boat, perhaps because she is younger. I just want to see how she will do. Tonight she is happily running in and out and around the decks checking things out. Her astroturf is out on the bow when business needs to be done, and she took to it right away on a previous trip.

I'll put some pictures of this lovely place in the "Photos" section of the blog over the next few days.