Saturday, July 30, 2022


View from our rental house at sunset

We have been in our Sun Valley rental house now for two weeks. It is a spectacular place high in the hills on 120 acres. We can see the lights from only one house here that is owned by the parents of our VRBO hostess. I have posted most of my photos to the blog and you can see them by clicking "Photos" above. I will add those taken by Laura Lee to the collection over the next couple of days.

We originally had possibly three couples joining us here at different times, but all had to cancel, so we have had the four bedroom house to ourselves. Our good friends from home Harry and Vanita Morgan are at their condo here and we have had some great times with them. Sadly our friends from Seattle, the Keck's, have not been in town yet, but we may see them before we depart. Monday, my son Daniel with his new bride Jackie and their three children will join us for most of next week. 

Yesterday Laura Lee and I took the gondola lift up the Baldy ski area and had lunch at the Round House high on the mountain. Some nearby lightening shut down the lift so we were treated to a ride down the mountain in a dusty pickup truck. We have done several long walks with dogs, and one serious hike up a nearby gulch. We also completed a roughly 20-mile bike ride from Hailey to Ketchum and back. I used an e-bike while Laura Lee was completely self-propelled.

We have a chicken coop in the back yard which is a new experience for me. There are about eight hens that lay eggs daily. It has become my routine to cook fresh eggs from the yard for breakfast almost every day.

Laura Lee feeding leftovers to the chickens. They eat nearly everything except citrus,
and of course chicken.

One of the highlights of the trip has been attending one of the open-air concerts of the Sun Valley Music Festival. We went last Tuesday with our friends the Morgans who know the tricks of finding a good place to set up chairs on the lawn. We will be going again Sunday night with them to the annual fundraising Gala, the only event where there is a charge for sitting on the grass area. It will be a performance of Carmina Burana and should be spectacular.

We have begun plotting our trip home that starts in two weeks. We will be taking a southern route and visiting parts of Utah and Santa Fe. We've also discovered today that our route will take us through Winslow, Arizona. That should be a fine sight to see. I'll post again soon.


  1. Sounds like a lovely stay.

    You will find a flatbed Ford on the corner in Winslow. For real.

  2. You see a girl my Lord in a flatbed Ford?


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