Friday, October 8, 2021

Division Belle has new owners

When we first purchased Division Belle on October 11, 2018, we said to ourselves that we would enjoy the boat for two or three years. It has now been almost exactly three years, and she has been sold to a lovely couple from Canada. 

It is a pretty good time to sell a boat. Demand has been high and supply low. But the main reason for the sale is that we have been unable to use the boat as much as I had anticipated. People use boats in different ways. Some live aboard. Some go out for the day. Some make great ocean passages around the world. But for us a boat has always been like a moveable second home. We have taken boats to The Bahamas, the Florida Keys, the Chesapeake Bay, Maine, and many other spots closer to home. We would leave our boat somewhere for months, traveling back and forth to spend time on it. 

Being on a boat is ideal during the Covid pandemic, but the logistics of getting to and from it have been challenging. We moved Division Belle south and got to the Bahamas in March of 2020, planning on flying back and forth to enjoy the islands. Alas, the borders were closed due to Covid and the boat sat in Bimini for four months before we were allowed back to bring her home in July. Even in the U.S., we often relied on airlines or one-way car rentals to travel to and from the boat, but we all know how difficult that has become. 

So it just makes sense to sell her, but it nevertheless breaks my heart. I have loved this boat and I had high hopes for more adventures and good times than we were able to enjoy. It has been fun and a great privilege to own her. I tinkered on her almost daily when she was docked near home and I travelled on her more than 3,600 nautical miles putting about 585 hours on the engine. I enjoyed every minute of it.

We completed the surveys and sea trials a couple of weeks ago and the purchasers accepted the boat. I moved her up to Thunderbolt Wednesday and drove her into South Carolina waters today where Division Belle was formally delivered to her new owners.

All good things come to an end. So, many thanks to those who have shown an interest and followed this blog. It's been fun. We shall see what new adventures lie ahead. 

Photo courtesy of Sarah Ingram