Monday, July 4, 2022

Road Trip

Having sold the boat this blog is named for, I am too lazy to go to the trouble of renaming it and starting over. And so, I am using it to record the road trip that is underway right now. We are spending about two weeks driving with our two large dogs to Sun Valley, Idaho, where we have rented a house for a month beginning July 16. We are packed tightly into my Volvo, and staying nightly in hotels with two dogs is proving to be challenging. The dogs are taking it in stride but young Belle decided to begin whining at 4 am this morning. Laura Lee took her outside briefly but she did not want to stay in her kennel. Eventually I got up with her at around 5 am and here she and I sit in the dark trying to let LL and the other dog Rhett get some more sleep.

We first drove Saturday from home to Chattanooga, TN and had a pleasant evening at a dog-friendly hotel downtown. Dinner was on a patio with each of us holding a leash as we tried to enjoy a flatbread and a little wine. Yesterday we had a reservation at the Kentucky Dam State Park Resort near Paducah, KY. It appeared on the website we would have a cute cabin near the lake, but it turned out to be a serious dump amidst a beautiful area. So we abandoned the idea and drove about 30 miles further. We are ensconced in a Hampton Inn along the Interstate outside of Paducah. We have travelled 650 miles of our roughly 2,600-mile trip west.

Today we plan to depart the Interstate system and head over to Cairo, Illinois where we will begin driving north on a section of the River Road which follows the entire Mississippi River from Louisiana to Minnesota. We will take it up to St. Louis today and come part way back down the other side of the river tomorrow to visit St. Genevieve, Missouri. It is there we plan to see the collection of preserved French colonial houses including the one that our present home is modeled after. I have written before about the Civil War history of some of this area in a previous boat blog that still lingers online here.

As we get into scenic areas today and tomorrow, I'll start posting some pictures. Thanks for checking in.


  1. Not a voyage but certainly a long overland journey. We will enjoy hearing from you and learning some geography

  2. Sounds like a fun trip! Sorry your cabin turned out to be a dump, though. Looking forward to following along as you work your way northwest.

  3. Lovely journey. When we were traveling by car with our pets (a dog and two cats at the time), we made extensive use of La Quinta properties. The majority are pet friendly and they are otherwise roughly equivalent to a Hampton Inn or Hilton Garden Inn type of accommodation.

  4. Thanks for taking your followers along for the ride! Enjoy!!! Google knows me as Linda, my first name.



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