Thursday, July 7, 2022



We are in Lincoln, Nebraska staying right next to the 15,500-seat  University of Nebraska Pinnacle Bank Arena and close to the 85,000-seat Memorial Stadium. The University area seems quieter now than I'm sure it is during the regular school year, but we are in an area of many bars and restaurants. We drove up today from Kansas City through Missouri, a corner of Iowa, and finally into Nebraska. We have covered 1,450 miles since leaving home and are well into our fifth tank of gas.

We travelled Tuesday from St. Louis to Kansas City, home of our dear friends Bruce and Liz Pendleton. We went straight to their lovely home where our dogs Rhett and Belle could play with their dog Winston while we visited. The weather was hot, but not the 101 degrees of the day before. We walked the dogs around the neighborhood and had a great dinner with the Pendletons. After getting a taste of Kansas City, we wished we had planned a longer stay. It is full of interesting spots and great museums. We shall have to plan more time there next trip. Thanks Bruce and Liz for your incredible hospitality.

Tomorrow we will be crossing the southern part of Nebraska, with a planned stop somewhere near North Platte. I have a history there during a 1975 motor home trip which I will cover in more detail after seeing the area again.

The weather has cooled significantly and the highest temperatures we saw today were around 85 degrees. The severe heat warnings are now in the Topeka, Kansas area down into Texas and across to Alabama. Let's hope we remain north of it all.

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  1. Nice to hear you are having a good time during your long drive. So far it seems to be a great adventure!!


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