Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Norfolk, Virginia

The lovely Laura Lee and I made it safely to Norfolk, Virginia Sunday after two long days of travel. I am still getting to know the boat and its equipment, but it gets better by the day. The trip was uneventful except for an adventurous effort at docking in high winds Saturday afternoon.

Sunday evening we were treated to a visit from our old friend Mollie Sawyer and her son Zachery. Mollie is just a sparkling personality, and we were only reminded how much we have missed her. She and her family are temporarily living in Norfolk while her husband Mark completes his final year before retiring from the Coast Guard.

For readers who do not know her, Mollie was director of fitness at The Ford Plantation until just over three years ago when Mark was reassigned from Savannah to Paducah, Kentucky. She created from scratch the outstanding fitness program at the Ford Sports Barn that continues to be maintained by her successor, John Lindsey. In the process, Mollie should get full credit for helping me turn around my own slovenly ways. While working out with her, riding a bike, and watching my diet, I was able to get in better shape, and not incidentally lose about 25 pounds. The weight mostly remains off today, not counting the little upward blip brought on by the holidays. It was great catching up, and we hope to see her again soon.

Laura Lee headed home Monday, leaving me to mess about with the boat while I await my crew members who arrive Friday. I have had plenty to do. Tomorrow and Thursday I will be provisioning for a week of cold travel, which of course requires grog rations for the crew.

Traveling by boat this time of year in Maryland and Virginia is made more difficult as marinas prepare for winter. We were unable to refill the fresh water tank before leaving Herrington Harbor because the marina water was shut down for winter. Our stop Saturday night in Reedville, Virginia also had no water, and in fact we never saw a single human being while we were there. We were fortunate to refill the water here in Norfolk, but I was told it too will be turned off tomorrow in anticipation of a low tomorrow night of 30 degrees and Thursday night of 27 degrees. It is time to get moving to the south. 

We'll be reporting in for those interested in our travels.  Stay tuned. The adventure continues.

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