Sunday, July 12, 2020

Safely Home

Fernandina Beach Sunset After a Storm
Division Belle and I are safely back after a long 10-hour run yesterday. In planning the day, I didn't really take time to figure the distance and time required to come in the Wassaw Sound and all the way in to the Hinckley yard in Thunderbolt. I arrived at the (missing) sea buoy at around 3:30 but did not dock until nearly 6 pm. The inlet has a tricky,  unmarked entrance that I picked my way through slowly and carefully, and then I was slowed by a two to three knot current against me all the way in.

The photo above explains part of the reason I love being on the water so much. We had a wicked late afternoon thunderstorm at the dock in Fernandina Thursday, followed by the clouds parting to provide a spectacular sunset. I'm glad to be home, but I love spending time on the water.


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