Friday, July 31, 2020

Déjà Vu All Over Again

Last Year

Last year in September we were carefully watching slow-moving Hurricane Dorian. It was expected to come as far east as the 80-degree west longitude line, about 75 miles from our location, and then turn north. Thankfully it did exactly as projected. See my blog entry from that episode here.
This year

This year it's Hurricane Isaias. It is currently located just north of Dominican Republic and the forecast is very similar to Dorian's. Just as I said last year, "Throughout our long wait for Dorian, we have counted for several days on its forecast turn from northwest to north, keeping it at, or east of, the 80 degree west longitude line (and more than 75 miles east of us) as it passes. (We are located at 31.9N 81.3W)." It now appears we will be doing the same thing all over again. I'll post further as we get closer to Monday morning and we have more clarity on the track.

Meanwhile, Division Belle is located in Thunderbolt and I'll make a decision tomorrow if it seems prudent to move it more inland up the Ogeechee River to home.

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