Tuesday, July 7, 2020

A Day Off

Yesterday morning we awoke with plans to get moving from New Smyrna Beach to St. Augustine. Instead, over coffee, we just decided to take a day off. We realized that we had been on the move for five straight days and we really just wanted to chill a bit. So we did a little laundry, took a two-mile walk, and otherwise enjoyed a relaxing day in a nice town. For a third straight day we had afternoon strong rain with intense lightening, again washing the boat and bringing temperatures down. The day ended with a steak dinner on the aft deck.

Today we got underway again, and we are currently about three miles off the beach near Marineland, 15 nautical miles from the entrance to St. Augustine. The afternoon storms hit again but early today at around 1:45  pm. The line was fast moving and the worst of it passed to our north. We got no lightning, but strong winds at around 35 knots for a short time. We should be inside the inlet at St. Augustine in about one hour 45 minutes.

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