Sunday, October 20, 2019

Isle of Hope

We are at Isle of Hope Marina near Savannah. We left The Ford Plantation at 2:45 pm today, after waiting patiently for the tide to be high enough to depart. Our problem was to try to get down to the Savannah area during daylight, which we did. We arrived here at 6:45 pm, just before sunset.

Isle of Hope is one of our favorite places. We kept our previous boat here for about half a year. It is a secluded little neighborhood very close to metropolitan Savannah, but seemingly a throwback to an earlier era. It is a community of old waterfront houses along a road beside the Intracoastal Waterway. A great place for an evening stroll. Tomorrow we shall press on to Harbourtown Marina on Hilton Head. We will only have tomorrow afternoon and most of Tuesday to enjoy our visit. We plan to rent a car to drive back home Tuesday afternoon for work and meetings. I will return Wednesday afternoon to pick up the boat and bring it back home Thursday. It is a quick getaway, but great to exercise the boat and have a little down time.

After a sub-tropical storm on Saturday, this afternoon was spectacularly beautiful. We travelled down the Ogeechee River and through the marsh grasses to join the Intracoastal Waterway. Pictures do not do justice to the marsh here, but trust me, it was spectacular.

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  1. I love the Low Country marshes, too. The colors of the grasses, water and sky are like nowhere else.


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